The end of medicine as we know it is near

Albert Alexander was a regular fellow, a postman living in the UK. One day leaving to work, he scratched his face on the plant growing in his garden. A week later he ended up in the hospital with high fever. Two weeks later his condition became critical. Three weeks later the illness deformed his face. One month after the scratch he was dying.

The plant that scratched him was a rose, but the damage was done by bacteria. Fortunately for Alexander, he was the very first patient treated with antibiotics. In five days his condition “has extremely improved”, as his doctors said.

Today we do not fear simple scratches. Thanks to antibiotics, we doubled our lifespan. We are able to perform safe surgeries, use implants and treat patients with lowered immunity. But not for long.

According to UK government report, by 2050 more people will die because of bacterial infection than cancer and road accidents combined (over 10 million). All due to raising antibiotics resistance. In Biolumo, we decided to fight for antibiotics and never let that report to become reality.

Biolumo – targeted therapy solution for every patient

According to ECDC, two major reasons behind raising antibiotics resistance are ineffective prescriptions and overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The perfect solution would be to use targeted therapy for every patient. Unfortunately, due to antibiotics resistance, bacteria that cause same illness may be resistance to different antibiotics. General Practitioners that assign the most antibiotics (74%) should test each patient, but every solution to do so is for big hospitals and laboratories.

We have decided to provide GPs and clinics with a proper point-of-care device for rapid determination of antibiotics effectiveness. We combined hardware, software, and biotechnology to offer fast, simple and affordable medical device. The mass implementation for healthcare – no matter the size of practice – is our main goal.

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Killing the air conditioning industry.

Every 2 years we double the amount of information. All businesses in every sector are dependant on data. Datacenters always have to be on. They’re always consuming energy. Datacenters have as big a carbon footprint as airline industry, and 39% of electricity is spent on cooling.