Nowadays middle age men and women have a very busy life, always struggling to balance their time between work and family. Waiting in line at the pharmacy is a conspicuous consumption of time for them, also because of ten the productis out of stock and the client has to order it, waiting hours or even days.

Moreover, in case of sickness or restricted mobility, the consumer is forced to be dependent on someone else. He/She always needs a family member, a friend or an employee to go to the doctor, pick-up the prescription and then go to the pharmacy to buy medicines.

On the other hand, Pharmaceutical companies don’t have direct selling channels or direct ways to take care o fpatient’s therapy adherence. From the client’s side the result is that they see these companies as big entity, far way distant from people’s everyday reality, meanwhile pharmaceutical companies find hard to offer valuable services to their patients.

Currently, Individuals who want to receive at home or at work pharmacy goods, that doesn’t need prescription, can buy them on any pharmacy’s ecommerce, but the delivery time can be up to 72 hours.
If all the products wanted are not all available together on the same Pharmacy’s ecommerce, the client has to order the missing products from another ecommerce, stretching things out. Then, If they need any suggestion about the products they are buying, beyond the information they can findon the web, they are forced to go outand go to the pharmacy to consult the pharmacist. When a product needs prescription, and it is not permitted to buy it on the internet, the only solution is to delegate someone to go to the pharmacy and buy it. And the same is for picking up the prescription from the doctor. At the moment, Pharmaceutical Companies are mostly using pharmacies and doctors as the only way to build relationships with final clients, but they are not offering any direct service to them. Doctors and families are responsible of patient’s adherence to the therapy and Pharmacies take care of making medicines available but there is no system that connects all these parts together.
PharmaPrime, born in 2016, is the answer to all this problems! It is the first European pharmacy on­‐demand platform that enables customers to order and to receive, within 40 minutes, all pharmaceutical goods (pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary) at the lowest price, from top rated local pharmacies. Technology friendly consumers can order via Website, App or Chat, meanwhile, old people can use a Phone call. Then, if the prescription is needed a Pharma Men (a rider of our fleet) takes care to go to the doctor, pick-­up the prescription and to go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Whenever a patient needs information about a specific product, he/she can always contact our customer care service thanks to which he will get in touch with one of our experienced pharmacists. PharmaPrime also takes into account all the issues that surround pharmaceutical companies, regarding their relationship with their final customers. Using our web platform and our dedicated call center we not only provide innovative marketing and selling channels, but also a great opportunity for companies to be close to their patients during every step of the therapy. That is why, In order to increase patient’s adherence to the therapy and reduce emergency risks, a Replenishment and medicine reminder program is also available and to make this service available to everyone, the reminder is by Phone call, SMS or web app.
PharmaPrime aims to be the trend union among Pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and doctors to cooperate for the wellbeing and the safety of the patient and we are ready to do it thanks to our team, innovative and multi-­‐skilled, composed of developers, marketing specialists, analysts, pharmacists and customer care specialists; everyone of us is younger than 30 but despite the young age each team member is highly competent in his field and we all share the same passion to use innovation to create something that can improve people’s life. Our mission is not only about providing to the patient a super fast delivery service for his medicines, but it is about combining technology and healthcare specialists to built an entire system around patient’s needs, to be next to him during every step of the therapy, from the medicine finding and the door to door delivery to the reminder and to the clinical/psychological assistance.
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The end of medicine as we know it is near
. Albert Alexander was a regular fellow, a postman living in the UK. One day leaving to work, he scratched his face on the plant growing in his garden. A week later he ended up in the hospital with high fever. Two weeks later