LUZPAC: Plug into the SUN!

LUZPAC: Plug into the SUN!


A startup focusing on solar-wearables is ready to hit everyday life.

BERLIN, Germany. Smartphones are our best friends, but charging them sucks. They usually run out of juice during our most joyful moments – summer breaks, festival days or outdoor activities. LUZPAC, a startup focusing on solar-wearables wants to fix that problem in a unique and fashionable way.

During my year in Spain, I realized that the power of the sun could have more use cases than just being received on rooftops and solar farms

- considers Christoph Hanser, CEO and founder of the company.

Surprisingly, we found mobile, lightweight solar panels are coming to an affordable price for broader use. However, all the offered products lacked style and flexibility – they pretty much looked like developed for, and only by geeks. With my background in design and consumer goods, I immediately felt the ambition to improve the design to something that excels on function, fashion and brand.

- Mr. Hanser continues.

Funded via a global Kickstarter campaign, the company could produce its first batch and started global distribution of their solar beach bag design last summer. Yet, having a great product is not enough to get through the competitive market of fashion accessories. Therefore, LUZPAC has teamed up with leading manufactures from Asia and some Berlin creatives to design a prototype of a solar jeans jacket prototype, called the DARKLYTE. The design shows the potential of wearable solar technology, not only applied to a bag, but on a piece of everyday clothing.

Released in Paris, at the Denim Première Vision last November, we gained a lot of attention and interest from the industry.

- Mr. Hanser said. 

However, getting a deal to make a larger production for a major retailer would need more investment than we currently can bootstrap with our own resources. So, we currently look for investors to raise a seed investment to supply the growing demand in innovative wearable power technology

- Mr. Hanser mentions.

And the founders are confident, INFOSHARE Conference in Poland is the right spot to connect such a unique technology platform with the right mindset of venture capitalists.


 LUZPAC is an early-stage venture that develops and markets solar wearables and innovative, design-driven technology. The company is based in Berlin, at the Factory Berlin, a startup campus and social platform that “has solidified itself as Germany’s startup mecca.” (Forbes). The company was founded the previous year by Christoph Hanser and Ockdan Yang, both entrepreneurs holding MBA degrees from the IE Business School Madrid. Their aim is to establish solar technology as the key component for our future lifestyle within an ecosystem of mobile and connected devices.

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