Revolution in Software for Healthcare

In Pfleglisoft we know that healthcare is an area where every gained second can save people’s lives or alleviate their suffering, and that’s why efficiency is here especially crucial. However, the European healthcare system is being extremely inefficient: flooded with bureaucracy where most information is still being recorded and processed manually. That was an incentive for us to create Pfleglisoft, the software that helps you accomplish all daily tasks in healthcare twice as fast.


Pfleglisoft’s aims to take home care and soon mobile nursing services in Europe to the next level. We’ve started with building a software that facilitated the live-in care in Germany, and now we’re making changes on a world scale. Effortlessly you get access into a whole database of patients, locations, casebooks etc… We offer you information about patients and care providers. Now not only processing information takes seconds, but you can also find perfectly matching care solution in the blink of an eye.


We are aware that healthcare is a delicate sector that requires special caution and delicacy. Efficiency is not the only aspect to have in mind, the person is always the focal point of all our activities. As a German company, we are subject to the German data protection law and encrypt company’s and patients’ data against any unauthorized access.


Just as we care about our patients, we care especially about our users. Unlike any other healthcare software, Pfleglisoft has a very accessible elegant interface and is easy to use. Now you can work anytime and from any place in the world. With only one click you can manage your invoices, check the patients’ and caregiver’s satisfaction and keep an eye on the growth rate of your business. Pfleglisoft is the way to make the healthcare serve its purpose better, bringing a smile to both: patient’s and care provider’s faces.


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