ThinAir Water

ThinAir Water


Water is becoming increasingly scarce, particularly in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa. ThinAir have created technology that can harness the 140 quadrillion litres of water in the Earth's atmosphere. ThinAir's innovation is a 'water from air' generating material surface. Taking inspiration from the African Fogstand Beetle, they created a novel surface structure and chemistry that can provide clean drinking water out of thin air, at a 370% increase in efficiency.
ThinAir are in the top 5 global finalists in the Water Abundance XPRIZE competition, where they will be demonstrating the capability of their technology, in unison with their collaboration partner Veragon, at producing 2000L of water, at $0.02 per litre, relying only on renewable power.
ThinAir's water from air generating surface could be applied to a myriad of surfaces, such as buildings, billboards, fences and the underside of solar panels to create an environment that captures the humidity in the air to provide clean drinking water, in places where it was previously impossible.
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