Solution 4 Tomorrow
Solution 4 Tomorrow

Solution 4 Tomorrow


S4T is a start-up company dedicated to developing and implementing drone-based solutions. Our focus is mostly on creating autonomous solutions for multirotors which will allow drones to be more common and accessible devices. S4T is closely collaborating with National Polish Fire Department in order to develop a fully autonomous UAV system. To create a solution dedicated to fire brigades S4T became participant of Polish National Research and Development Center program called "e-Pionier" in which is developing a "Precise autonomic landing system on moving platform". This device will allow UAV to start, land and change batteries completely autonomous even on a moving platform such as a boat or a car. UAV with these features may not only be used in public sector but also in private companies like yours for let’s say gathering data about crops or monitoring other autonomous vehicles to allow true human-less operation. 
Right now we are creating complete tailor-made solution, but in the long run we aim to create small, easy to install module with the ability to integrate into the most of the commercial air-frames. With further integration into the drone structure battery exchange capability is added.  
We prepare our hardware to be future-proof as we’re thinking about further additions like autonomous obstacle avoidance, intelligent flight paths or automatic points of interest calculations. Those future extensions would not require many project changes or different processing unit.


ThinAir Water

Water is becoming increasingly scarce, particularly in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa. ThinAir have created technology that can harness the 140 quadrillion litres of water in the Earth's atmosphere. ThinAir's innovation is a 'water from air' generating mat