Packaging becomes toys

Shortly about the project

Our company develops and manufactures environmentally-friendly, multi-functional packaging made from sugar cane for a wide range of products (e.g. beverages, food supplements, or natural cosmetics) that can be used as a creative toy / kit for children and adults instead of ending up in a landfill, in an incinerator or in the ocean. EKOPA packaging is safe, brings together parent and child activities and addresses the serious environmental problem of today's times in an entertaining and creative way. All EKOPA packaging is developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic with certification throughout the EU.

Market needs and problems

Nowadays, over 330 million tons of plastics are produced, of which a large part consists of plastic packaging. Of this, about 50% of products are made for single use. This vast amount of plastic material, which accounts for up to 10% of the total waste generated on the planet, creates a serious environmental problem and high energy demands on its processing. In spite of all the efforts to recycle this waste, a substantial part of it is disposed of in landfills or incinerators or even ends in the sea, not only in less developed countries. This accumulation of plastic waste in the ecosystem has a negative impact on human and animal health and its production releases enormous amounts of CO2 and aggressive chemicals into the environment.
EKOPA addresses these issues in an environmentally-friendly, economical and creative way, when packaging is used as a toy (construction kit) or as a building component for nearly unlimited amount of objects in real-life sizes including functional ones such as chair, a table, a sledge, a bird or even a dog house. By doing so, EKOPA promotes fantasy and creativity not only in children but also in adults and contributes to their environmental education. Moreover, manufacturing of EKOPA from sugar cane also reduces CO2 in the air. Many of these objects can be used for cooperative or competitive games in nature. When not needed, EKOPA can be donated to schools or kindergarten for further use.

Benefits for the customer and the reason for the purchase

By purchasing products in EKOPA packaging, customers receive creative toys free of charge and thus save money for the purchase of other toys. The reason for the purchase is not just saving money, but also a good feeling for not wasting plastics into the environment and the joy from purchasing original gift. For manufacturers, such packaging has added marketing value - it can attract not only ecoconscious customers but also those who like to try new things. In addition, it further encourages purchases of products in EKOPA packaging.
For the B2B customer, therefore, the advantage is to improve the image, potentially higher sales, repeated purchases, and distinct product differentiation from competitors.
For the B2C customer, the reusability of the packaging not only as a food / beverage bottle but also as a creative toy/kit that is also certified for toddlers, from which it is possible to create relatively large structures with a long life cycle even for outdoor applications.
Another value is in the www.ekopa.cz portal, where customers can draw inspiration on how to use the packaging and, above all, participate in various events and games where the whole family is involved. We believe that the demand for active recreation in nature, where both parents and children have fun together at minimal cost, is high and these activities are generally deficient.
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Wirtualna rzeczywistość stała się przestrzenią terapeutyczną. Medycyna z powodzeniem już od lat 90-tych używa nowych rozwiązań technologicznych by rehabilitacja była bardziej efektywna.