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Magentiq Eye Ltd. was established in 2014 with the aim to harness the most cutting edge computer vision and deep learning techniques to aid doctors in endoscopic procedures.

Doctors today spend hours during Endoscopic Procedures looking at the LCD screens in order to explore, examine and treat various conditions. At Magentiq Eye we put the growing power of Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing to the help of doctors, so they can be more accurate and effective- ultimately saving millions of lives and billions of dollars. Our first product is APDS: Automatic Polyp Detection System, developed to be used in online and offline during colonoscopy tests.
Our APDS (Automatic Polyp Detection System) can point out the suspicious locations of polyps in the videos, increasing the attentiveness of doctors during procedures, thus helping them to reduce their polyp miss-rates. Given the large population that annually undergoes colonoscopy, even a modest decrease in polyp miss-rate can save a lot of lives! The APDS- RT runs on the video feed from the endoscopic camera used by the physician in real time during the endoscopic procedure (currently only on Colonoscopy Procedure). The APDS-OFL is a software that runs in off-line mode on pre-Recorded Colonoscopy Videos.
It is estimated that 40 million colonoscopy procedures are performed every year (almost 40% in the US alone). The ability of colonoscopy procedures to decrease the number of colon cancer cases has been proven without a doubt and their number expected to grow. However, researches have shown that there is about 25% of misses (unnoticed polyps) in those procedures, misses which can, unfortunately, cause interval cancer. Within this context the APDS will be sold either as an add-on to the colonoscopy device (real-time) or as a service (offline), paid by the clinics or the medical centers.


The core team is led by Dr. Dror Zur, the CEO and Founder. Before Magentiq Eye, Dror also founded Inspiring Vision Ltd., was the head of the image processing group at Saint Jude Medical - 3D imaging and reconstruction projects, and the head of algorithm group at a Johnson and Johnson Company. He performed his post doctorate at the Rockefeller University in the Torsten Wiesel (Nobel Prize Laurent) Laboratory, and prior to this Dror served 11 years at an IDF top technological unit (Lieutenant Commander). He Holds a Doctorate in Image Processing form the Weizmann Institute, B.Sc., M.Sc. From the Technion (EE).  The Development core team includes two Senior Deep Learning Experts (additional one is about to join), Senior Algorithm Developer, and a Big Data Management expert.  


Prof. Yael Kopelman is the head of the Gastroenterology Institute in Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Israel, and she leads the clinical trial of the Company,  Prof. Harold Jacob is a Director of Advanced Endoscopy in the Hadassah University Hospital and Interventional Gastroenterologist with 25 years of experience in Medical Device Development, Prof. Peter Siersema (lately joined) is a leading gastroenterologist and researcher from the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and Mr. David Furst, a member in several boards, has a long experience in regulation affairs, clinical trial preparation, and market penetration.  
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