Innovating Cloud

Innovating Cloud


Crowdsourcing without Crowds

Crowdsourcing approach to corporate innovations is becoming increasingly popular these days. This approach is a usually realized via the software platforms that are capable of shooting some questions into the large crowds of people and collecting the answers, analyzing them and placing into further development. However there is a bunch of problems. First, overwhelming majority of the submitted ideas is very shallow. Human beings are not creative and do not know how to “become” Steve Jobs when it comes to ideation.
Second, small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are willing to try crowdsourcing but are put out of commission because they do not have enough human resources to utilize it. In other words SMEs are not “crowdy” enough to use crowdsourcing.
Third, even if the first two aspects are satisfied: the employees crowds are extremely creative and are large enough then these crowds will only keep submitting the ideas specific to the domain employees are working in and then the open innovation paradigm will never become reality.
Innovating cloud proposes a solution which can address all the aforementioned hot buttons. The human creative potential can be increased with the Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TRIZ). Ideation bots, or software pieces, can emulate vast human crowds for the SMEs crowdsourcing campaigns (campaigns without human beings involved). Almost Artificial Intelligence. The last but not the least is a cross-industrial crowdsourcing option which is proposed as a remedy against domain-specific creative stuckness.
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