Behavioral Biometric Authentication While You Type

Keystroke DNA is a behavioral biometric authentication service that uses keystroke dynamics to authenticate users based on biometric profiles we create from their unique typing rhythms. Our first beta integrations are underway in three dierent industries and we havensecured a pre-seed funding round of Euro 50 K. The biometric authentication market is projected to more than triple by 2022.
The way people type is unique and unlike their passwords, cannot be copied or stolen. Keystroke DNA's proprietary algorithm verifies each sign-in using a biometric data profile we create to guarantee access is granted to only the genuine account owner. Keystroke DNA can be used as a primary or secondary authentication, as a fraud prevention mechanism, and for retrospective identity analysis. Oered as a service, it can be conveniently integrated into any web application with just a few lines of code.
The businesses which are now using Keystroke DNA were selected as being the most representative in terms of both being able to provide relevant usage statistics and in meeting future business development requirements. These include a secure authentication service with 50K users; a fin-tech startup user portal with 150K registered users, and a city administrative services portal with 250K registered users.
We operate at the crossroads of traditional approaches to information security — multi-factor authentication and biometric authentication. Both industries are already significant in terms of market size and are expected to continue rapidly growing with the biometric authentication market expected to increase from USD 10.74 Billion in 2015 to over USD 32 Billion by 2022.

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