SELFIKON - show yourself!

SELFIKON - show yourself!


Selfie is the most personal photo – you are always part of it!

Selfikon is a niche social network for selfies, advanced use of hashtags and easily organized photo competitions for prestige and, in sponsor competitions, for rewards.
In addition, it is a platform where people can:
- See pictures of YOU and your friends, YOU and landscapes, YOU and food, YOU and nature, YOU and art... Your selfies!
- Meet people with same interests via hashtags
- Follow hashtags and view their stats
- See how many likes they have for EACH hashtag separately
- Use selfie stickers  and masks of your favorite celebrities and influencers
- Use selfie stickers and masks to raise awareness  for a cause (#savethebees, #stopviolence)
Basic concept is very simple:
- Selfies - users upload selfies and set the privacy
- # (Hashtags) - users add the description and themes; Each #-tag gets likes separately (for example, if you have several #tags for one selfie, you will be able to see exactly how many likes you have under each one of them)
- Rankings (Top lists/Competitions) - selfies are liked by other users and ranked accordingly in every hashtag
So far:
- More than 100 000 registered users
- The only social network in the Europe that implemented real time face masks and stickers (only on Selfikon there is possibility for them to be branded)
- We are preparing for the worldwide market and global promotion

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